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Con Amor By Jazmine Guadalupe

Angel number bracelet #1

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Our newest angel number bracelets can come in a dou pack or sold separate. Where you can pick the number, colors , and even an option to add an evil eye . If bought separate you must add both #1 and #2 ( all instructions and descriptions is under Angel Bracelets Dou Pack ) 

- bracelets are made in size M ( bracelets are stretchy as they are string bracelets ) but if  want a different size or you know your specific size please indicate in the specials instructions 

- you can pick the color beads you want too 

- angel numbers as well 

- if you picked yes for the evil eye option please indicate what color 

Colors available 

- blue 



- black 

- white/clear 

- green 

- orange 

- red